Application & Fees

If you would like to apply for one of our rented properties, please either complete an application form on-line, or print a copy off, complete and return to our office address. Full terms and conditions are explained on the application forms. We look to keep the process as simple and as straight forward as possible.  The application procedure will be clearly explained to avoid any confusion and ensure transparency throughout. We adopt best practice with all of our processes and work within guidelines set by The Property Ombudsman (TPO).


JKT Property Management Ltd are members of the following:

Client Money Protection – Money Shield scheme reference number: 68245175

The Property Ombudsman – Approved Redress Scheme, registration number: D10600

Tenant Deposits are registered with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS)

Our Permitted Payments consist of the following:

As well as paying the rent, you may also be required to make the following permitted payments. Permitted payments For properties in England, the Tenant Fees Act 2019 means that in addition to rent, lettings agents can only charge tenants (or anyone acting on the tenant’s behalf) the following permitted payments:

  • Holding deposits (a maximum of 1 week’s rent);
  • Deposits (a maximum deposit of 5 weeks’ rent for annual rent below £50,000, or 6 weeks’ rent for annual rental of £50,000 and above);
  • Payments to change a tenancy agreement e.g. change of sharer (capped at £50 or, if higher, any reasonable costs);
  • Payments associated with early termination of a tenancy (capped at the landlord’s loss or the agent’s reasonably incurred costs);
  • Where required, utilities (electricity, gas or other fuel, water, sewerage), communication services “telephone, internet, cable/satellite television), TV licence;
  • Council tax (payable to the billing authority);
  • Interest payments for the late payment of rent (up to 3% above Bank of England’s annual percentage rate);
  • Reasonable costs for replacement of lost keys or other security devices.
  • Contractual damages in the event of the tenant’s default of a tenancy agreement

IMPORTANT NOTES for applicants

  1. All information is strictly confidential.
  2. By completing and signing an application form, you accept that referencing & credit referencing checks will be carried out by JKT Property or an appointed referencing company on behalf of JKT Property.
  3. A Holding deposit equivalent to 1 week’s rent is required to reserve the property in your name. This will reserve the property for all applicants. This will then hold the property for 15 days until the ‘deadline for agreement.’
  4. DEADLINE FOR AGREEMENT This is a period of no more than 15 days after the date of application (date shown next to your signature on this form). All referencing, credit checks, right to rent, security/identity checks and any other paperwork pertaining to your application will need to have been satisfactorily completed prior to the ‘deadline for agreement.’ The ‘deadline for agreement’ can be extended for a period of time between Agent & Applicant subject to both parties agreeing to do so. This is at Agent’s discretion.
  5. IMPORTANT INFORMATIION REGARDING YOUR APPLICATION/s We carry out a comprehensive referencing process which will include some or all of the following at the Agent’s discretion:
  6. CREDIT CHECKS, CCJ’s & BANKRUPTCY As part of the referencing JKT or our appointed referencing company will conduct a credit check which will investigate your credit history, bankruptcies and County Court Judgements. It is very important that you answer all of the questions with regard to your credit history truthfully on this application form. Failure to do so will cause the holding deposit to become non-refundable. If you fail to disclose and we later find out any of the following your holding deposit will not be refunded: Current or previous bankruptcy in the last 5 years Current or previous CCJ’s in the last 5 years. If satisfied, a certificate of Satisfaction will be required IVA within the last 3 years Very low credit No credit score ( this will be at the discretion of the Agent and/or Landlord) Failure to disclose information regarding any of the above will result in the Holding deposit becoming non-refundable. If you have disclosed that your credit check will show any of the above you may be asked to provide a guarantor who will pass a credit check and referencing by JKT Property or our appointed referencing company. Guarantor information below.
  7. LANDLORD REFERENCING Either JKT Property or our appointed referencing company will be contacting your current/previous Landlord you have listed on this form. If we receive a reference which is deemed unsatisfactory some or all of your Holding deposit will become non-refundable. The following examples may be deemed unsatisfactory or left to the Landlords discretion: You have had/or have rental arrears/missed payments at your existing or previous rental property There has been damage above fair wear and tear at your existing or previous rental property There has been noise disturbance at your existing or previous rental property There has been illegal or immoral use/behaviour at your existing or previous rental property JKT Property – 5a College Street, Sutton, Hull East Yorkshire HU7 4UE Tel 01482 822230 e-mail – Website –
  8. EMPLOYMENT REFERENCING / INCOME AT least one applicant will be required to be in full-time permanent employment and we will require a reference by email or letter on letter headed paper or however JKT Property or our appointed referencing company request. A contract of employment or appointment letter would be acceptable subject to JKT Property or our appointed referencing company confirming with your future employer. INCOME/ SALARY/STATUS At least one applicants gross salary or joint salary between both applicants is at least 42% of the gross annual rental. Employment should be permanent. You must disclose if you work for an Agency , non-permanent contract or still within probationary period of a contract. Failure to do may result in the Holding deposit becoming non-refundable. The application may still proceed, but this is at Landlord and/or Agent discretion. We do accept family tax credits as a form of income as long as you can present a valid award form to us. All referencing needs to be have been satisfactorily completed on or before the ‘deadline for agreement’ has expired.
  9. Should you make an application to rent a property through our agency and then subsequently withdraw your application, your Holding deposit becomes non-refundable.
  10. JKT do not accept card or cash payments. Bank transfers can be made on-line to following account. Natwest Bank, Sort code 60-02-23, account number 24639478.
  11. VERY IMPORTANT. Please provide proof of ID and current address. A utility bill, Passport, driving license on the day of application either to JKT Property or our appointed referencing company. The property will not be reserved until this information is received.
  12. By applying for the property, you have accepted the property in its current state. Unless otherwise agreed, there will be no decorative/maintenance works carried out at the property unless otherwise agreed or deemed a Landlord obligation. This is at the discretion of the Landlord.
  13. HOLDING DEPOSIT & OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION By signing this application you are consenting to the Agent putting the holding deposit (subject to your application being accepted) directly towards your rent and deposit. Please advise if you do not wish for this to happen, the holding deposit will then be returned in full.

The holding deposit for any property will be 1 weeks rental (sum= Annual rental divided by 52) Payment will be required along with all forms of ID, proof of address, completed application forms.

Your holding deposit may be withheld if you have provided false or misleading information which contravenes the terms set above.

If JKT Property or our appointed referencing company are unable to collect the relevant references or credit information despite requesting the information numerous times

-you have not co-operated with our agency within the ‘deadline for agreement’ period

-you fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement within the ‘deadline for

agreement’ period despite JKT Property taking all reasonable steps to do it.

We will write to you within 7 days of not deciding to let you into a Tenancy Agreement or within 7 days of expiry of the ‘deadline for agreement’ stating why we have withheld all or some of your holding deposit.

JKT Property – 5a College Street, Sutton, Hull East Yorkshire HU7 4UE

Tel 01482 822230 e-mail – Website –

By paying a holding deposit you are creating a binding conditional contract between the Landlord and yourself, by paying this deposit you are agreeing to provide honest representations as to your income, tenancy history and references, and to enter into the tenancy under the terms agreed with the Landlord/Agent. If you withdraw from the agreement, you will not be entitled to have your holding deposit refunded and could be liable for other contractual remedies. If you choose to put down more than one holding deposit, you should expect to lose this money on tenancies that do not progress.

14 GUARANTOR We may request a guarantor under the following circumstances: Applicant has failed any of the above referencing Tenant is under age of 25 (at Agent/Landlords discretion) Employment is temporary or non permanent or other Tenant claiming housing benefit Landlord Agent is not obliged to accept guarantor and your application can be declined without a guarantor being considered